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The finest specialty grade beans in the world, roasted with care and purpose, and skillfully blended in a small Texas town.
We are a family-owned and operated Craft Coffee Blending House in a tiny town in Texas. Practiced in the art of sourcing, roasting, and blending complex, one-of-a-kind craft coffees through the use of the world's finest specialty beans, patient roasting practices and delicate blending skills acquired over time and repetition.

Smoother, bolder, more complex coffee is crafted through sourcing the world's highest quality grown specialty coffee beans, roasting them with purpose and creativity, and blending beans of different origins, processes, and roasts.

Selecting the highest-quality bean is a fundamental practice. Roasting specialty beans carefully to draw our more gratifying flavors is an exercise in extreme care and creativity. Blending the right roasts to complement each other's distinct flavors is a distinguished creative art form. Skills we work at mastering every day.
Latin America
Brazil, Columbia, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico
Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Ivory coast, Tanzania
Vietnam, Sumatra, Papua New Guinea, india

The World's finest beans

Producing craft coffee begins with the fundamental practice of choosing the finest specialty coffee beans we can buy. From the chocolate-dipped fruit flavors of Ethiopia or the caramel nuttiness of Panama to the deep, dark, meaty earthiness of Indonesian beans, meticulously sourcing the finest in expertly grown coffee beans for our craft coffees is priority number one.

The bean is where everything starts, and the focus on purchasing specialty beans that have the best chance of producing an authentic cup of craft coffee is intense, no matter the cost.

We're committed to paying top prices for specialty-grade green coffee beans and helping to support farmers year-round as a long-term investment in the coffee supply chain. The goal is to ensure that their farms remain profitable and that each harvest is of the highest quality so that the producers can demand the best prices, and we can continue to strive to create the perfect craft coffee experience.
Light Roast
Light City, half city, Cinnamon
Medium Roast
City, American, Breakfast
Dark Roast
Full City, Vienna, French, espresso

Roasting with Purpose

With the multitude of roast levels and blending combinations available, we seek to explore every option and find combinations and marriages that elevate the coffee drinking experience. Each roasted bean discovers its own equilibrium of flavor and aroma. Each roast draws out deeper and deeper flavors, colors, and compounds. Some stand firm as a single origin roast, while others find their magic in the blend. The permutations are endless, but they start with distinguished specialty-grade beans and a steady roasting hand.
Nutty Notes
Spice Notes
Sweet Notes
Fruit Notes

the Magic's in the Blend

We draw on an almost infinite number of flavors and aromas to compose our masterpieces when blending craft coffee. Coffee beans are selected based on flavor profiles, fragrances, and lack of defects. Then, after carefully roasting, the beans are left to rest and off-gas for a few days. Rest times vary based on roast level.

Next, the desired proportions are defined by seeking complementary marriages of flavors and consistency before being carefully blended in small batches to harmonize and reach deep and refined layers of flavor and aromatic complexity.

The outcome of our creative process is the perfect balance of complementary flavors and aromas in our coffees. Deep and complex–smooth and gratifying–unmistakable evidence of our patient dedication to creating the most refined coffee a Texas can buy.

Our history

How it's done vs. how we did it
In 2011, Troy and Michelle Kooper began a learning odyssey from their humble home in Austin, Texas. They began exploring a do-it-yourself lifestyle and relying on skill acquisition as much as possible. They learned to grow food, and make their own toothpaste, deodorant, and laundry soap from a few simple ingredients. Michelle taught herself to cook, eventually reaching the gourmet level. Then a fascination with flavor and aroma exploration set in.

They began learning to make the drinks they loved, whiskey and coffee. Whiskey was the first challenge; they learned how to mash, ferment and distill rye whiskey in their kitchen in Austin. They've since moved to the Texas countryside and started the Kooper Family Whiskey Company, where they produce some of the best boutique Bourbon and Rye whiskeys in Texas.

Moving on to Coffee, Troy and Michelle expanded their sensory and flavor blending capabilities; they dug into coffee roasting and exploring coffee's intricate flavors and aromas. Sourcing, roasting, cupping, and blending coffee fell right in with their patient do-it-yourself sensory practices.

Together with their two children, Troy and Michelle are chasing their coffee-making dreams, founding Kooper Family Coffee with a simple Mission: Craft small-batch gourmet coffee that makes Texans happy.

Kooper Family's success is measured in the gratification of every Texan that seeks an elevated taste experience and finds it in our small-batch, craft coffee.

100% family-owned and operated.

Michelle Kooper

Michelle, a Gates Millennium Scholar, is a graduate of The University of California, Berkeley, and holds a Master's Degree from Columbia University in New York. Michelle was well on her way to receiving a Ph.D. in education from Columbia when she decided to leave academia to pursue her lifelong dream of starting a family and homeschooling her young children.

Troy Kooper

As an advertising Creative Director, Troy earned an elite pedigree in some of the industry's most prestigious advertising agencies. He created many memorable campaigns for the NBA, Microsoft, and Nike and won multiple Cannes Lions, Clios, One Shows, and D&AD Pencils for his branding and advertising work.
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